Thursday, February 9, 2012

show + tell...

Australian summer, woven bowl, 2012

Thought I would take a break from all the Outpost images and conduct a tiny show + tell session this morning... with a new woven form that I JUST completed. This coloured piece was commissioned by a dear friend who wanted to gift it to another friend. And as you know, I love it when an artwork has so many connections to it. And a lot of thought and feeling attached to it too. 

Ive been commissioned to make all manner of gifts over the years ... wedding presents, engagement gifts, thank you objects and birthday surprises. So its been lovely to start the year off with another piece that will be given between good old friends.

Love that.
And I'm loving how this one turned out too! 
I think its a product of all the brightly coloured drawings Ive been working on in the studio.

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