Sunday, March 25, 2012

the cheese stands alone.

I like to sit for hours in a cafe with a flat white and a pile of newspapers and magazines..with no iphone or ipad in sight.
I love to walk through the city streets at any time of the day or night so i can explore the sights and sounds of a place in flux.
I love to sit in front of a beautiful art work and let it challenge me.
And Im known to enjoy a bus, or train ride, to people watch. 
No judgement. 

What I also love to do is walk through the back alleys and lane ways of the inner city and look for colour, texture and pattern on any and every surface. When i travel overseas i usually bring home a maxed out memory card, full of images that focus doorways and window frames covered in peeling paint and ripped gig posters. 

I guess it's because each one tells me a story of a place, that will invariably alter and change with time. 

Last week, when walking to my bus, I found a few doorways that told me a story.
In the their own unique way. 
I hope you enjoy their story too.


Tricia Kennedy said...

Loving your blog, and now simultaneously missing Sydney :(

michele aka the tiny said...

Hi Tricia... lovely to meet you and hear that you're loving the blog! But im sorry to hear that you're missing Sydney...
I hope the photos will bring some lovely memories back to you... x