Thursday, March 22, 2012

crafty collecting master class.

The home of Penelope Durston from the Melbourne store Cottage Industry,
captured on the pages of Inside Out Magazine, Nov./Dec. 2010

This article from Inside Out Magazine is an oldie but a goodie. 
For many of you in Melbourne, or in the know about anything and everything crafty, today's article will be familiar to you.... I mean... how could you be out of the loop when talking about the amazing Penelope Durston. Her store {Cottage Industry} and blog {Miss Pen Pen} are legendary, as is her crafty and creative style for all things colourful, textural and vintage. 
She isnt called the Craft Queen for nothing! 

When this article was published on the pages of Inside Out magazine in 2010 I fell in love. It was my dream space. Lucy from The Design Files, who wrote and styled this story, did an amazing job at capturing her flair and enthusiasm for collecting and assorting her many objects into beautifully curated displays that 'tell a story'. And that is truly the key for all of us out there who love collecting objects that others may call HOARDING! Its not I tells ya! Its collecting and appreciating things that have a touch of the hand made about them... objects that have a history, a soul and an expression of a time and place. 
I call it 'textural time travel'. 
And if youre thinking ?????, just look at the way Penelope does it.

Penelope sitting on her staircase next to a beautifully embroidered owl... you know I love that!
The key to Pen's collecting is to constantly sort and display in an array of
lovely vessels, jars, wooden boxes etc. 

This is my favourite photo. Love the salon style hang of 1960s sample embroideries
on the wall... all colourful and complementary to each other. The wooden furniture adds warmth and
character and a sense of history...

Pattern on pattern. Nothing wrong about that! 

Pressed Metal splash backs are so great for a kitchen. Left unpainted they add texture and shine
and interest without being fussy or delicate. Its industrial but crafty at the same time...

Credits: The Crafty Home, Inside Out Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010, pg. 79
Words + Styling: Lucy Feagins
Photography: John Laurie

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