Monday, March 5, 2012

d.) all of the above.

What a week!
Anyone else feeling a little bit shell shocked today? 
I am. 
The last two weeks have been busy, stressful, shocking, fun, exciting and every other emotion in between. Its amazing when a short period of time procures so so much 'stuff' that you find it hard to believe that only a few days have flown by. Every day would throw you a curve ball and ask you to let go of what you thought I was going happen, in order to just go with the flow... 
Which can sometimes be a BIG reality check. And a good thing. 
IF you can rip up the 'to do' list in your head!

Today feels different though. Its like the Sun made everything feel normal again and mr. time  said it was ok to revisit, catch up, and cross things off the 'to do' list. 
So to start things off on the right note... or foot... I decided to go for a big ol' stroll with my camera. Which hasn't happened much this year. Sadly. Maybe its because I bought my very first car at the end of last year? Maybe it's because of all this rain? Maybe its because mr. time has been conspiring against me ? 
Maybe its d.) all of the above.

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