Wednesday, March 7, 2012

there's a cabbage in my bathtub.

Sussex Lane, Sydney... Transformed as part of the Pop Sydney Projects 2012.
Last night the Sustainability and the City event was held with talks on subjects such as
Edible Outdoor Rooms + creating green building initiatives in the city...

And its purple too! 
No - Im not going round the bend or on the wacky tobacky...
Its true. There were purple cabbages in an old bathtub in the middle of the city. So of course I had to go and have a look. Im always curious when I hear that colour and creativity have infiltrated the heart of the cities business district. 

Do you remember when I went for a stroll around the lane ways of Sydney, as part of the Laneway art festival last year? In late October I went on an art treasure hunt, looking for hidden artworks that were exhibited in disused alleys and lane ways to try and bring art to the otherwise boring, and grey city streets.

Sydney's Lord Mayor and the Sydney City Council have been trying to bring, culture, sustainability and LIFE to a somewhat lacklustre and lifeless city precinct as part of their Pop Sydney Art Project.  And over the past two days they have been at it again, as Sussex Lane became a green oasis with talks and art events on all things sustainable, reusable, recycled and GREEN. They even planted turf to walk on. 

Last night I went to have a look and was amazed at the transformation. 
And I could not stop taking photos... as you can see! 

Reused and recycled furniture and objects were given a new life thanks to The Bower
and Reverse Garbage in Marrickville. 

Love all the old suitcases being re-purposed as planters.  After the event is taken down
all the plants and turf will also be recycled and planted around the city  ...

The planting of succulents in the old hard cover books was a beautiful touch... And
they were all lit like artworks in a gallery, using LED green lighting ...

Im not sure if many of the office workers that went to the event understood what all this
was about... I saw alot of head scratching. But at least it was something
different to the steel and concrete walkways that they are usually presented with. 

I loved all the recycled cans used as planters... 

And the tea pots too! This photo is alittle like a 'where's wally' moment
as you can just see my copper reflection ...

And of course I had to wear my vintage green jump suit for the occasion.

It was an interesting idea for the city to try... and I hope they make some of these
spaces completely green in the future.. with this bath tub set up as a permanent
sculptural fixture!


Erin said...

Hi Michele,

I always wonder if I'm crossing paths with other bloggers at events like this pop-up green space. When I saw the Sussex Lane pop-up, I thought it was fantastic! So cute the way they re-used the bathtub as a planter. There's always something unexpected going on in Sydney. Such a great place to live...

michele aka the tiny said...

Hi erin.. how are you? Yes - it this pop up was every artists' it was so photogenic and colourful! this city can be truly inspiring... when you have the energy to see it all and take it all in!! take care... x