Saturday, March 17, 2012

In the studio flow...

Bushland strolls around Sydney... when its NOT raining! March 2012

So its been head down... art materials out... and work work work this week.
There's nothing like a tiny time reality check, to kick you into second gear and get you started on making those painting ideas a reality. If you ask any artist they will tell you that they have a brain and sketch book FULL of thoughts and visions for 1000 art works. 
Many don't make the transition. 
They stay ideas. And you will hear a million reasons why... including...  'im time poor', 'im not in the right head space', or, 'im not able to unlock the key in my technique!'. 

And that is why so many artists' are frustrated. They are continually striving for that one work will be  EXACTLY like the vision they have in their minds eye.

Well - im just about to move a few sketches into larger paintings... And Im consumed. 

So to clear my mind, body, and spirit for the studio session ahead I usually go on a morning walk. It really helps to get me into the right flow for the day.... And one of my favourite strolls at the moment {when its not raining} is through the luminous green bushland around the harbour. 
Green light... green textures...and green hues...

A furry friend that I met on the the trail ... I think he was out for his daily stroll too!

The soft dappled light is so lovely along the winding pathway...

Favourite shot for the day - the light splices the rainforest textures in such a beautiful way...

On the way out... and home to the studio.

But just one more photo of the beautiful colours of the day...
how could you not be inspired!

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