Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the warm up sessions.

The warm up diary... 2012

People warm their hands up in many different ways.
They rub them together, they hold them up to a fire or heater, they sit in the Sun, or, they slip them into a warm pair of gloves... or someone else's hands!
For me - its got to be a quickfire sketch session in the diary. 

Its amazing how every day is different, and that your hands can feel materials in many different ways. You would think that if you could draw, or paint, your hands would use art materials in the same way. Everyday. 
But no. 
One day can see you delicately work a pencil or paintbrush. The next morning its like you've never seen these foreign implements before in your life. So what's the difference? 
The difference is how you feel on the day. It's that simple.

So - how do you know if its a good day or a bad day?
You draw. You warm up your hands with a sketch or three.
And that is what these drawings are.
Little warm ups and tiny ideas...
Just to get the day flowing...

if you're wondering what to do when its a bad drawing day
Ill give you a little tip...

You go for a coffee!

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