Monday, March 12, 2012

the sticker collection.

Hall of Paste Ups at Outpost: Street Art Festival, November 2011

It was the late 1980s and I was 11...
Whitey Houston was making it BIG with 'I want to dance with somebody' and Michael Jackson was untouchable as the KING of Pop. 
I was in Primary School and my favourite loves were ballet, netball and the colour blue. 
I was never the cool girl, the one with five boyfriends in the school playground, or the girl with friends over every afternoon for sleep overs and play dates... 
It took many more years for me to even have my own bedroom! 

My world was playing in my tiny space. I was a pretty quiet kid, with many thoughts and feelings that today would be classified as 'sensitive'. I loved my collection of things and a typical weekend would see me pouring two of my biggest collections - that of  erasers and stickers. 
I loved stickers and would pine to go into every novelty store to cast my eye over all the different types. Shiny, glittery, bubbly, and the best of the best... scratch and sniff! Do you remember those? 

So you can imagine my absolute delight when I walked into this Aladdin cave of paste ups and stickers at the Outpost Festival in November. I could not stop taking photos... 
I love that this genre of art has made such a big come back with the Street Art Movement. 
Stickers are such a simple thing, and yet they can be so powerful as a statement. Political, humorous, anti establishment, nostalgic... its all there. 
And when you have a warehouse full of them... boy... it's eye candy for any age, make or model of man, woman or child!!

Every surface was covered... and your eyes would play tricks and things
would jump out at you.

Owen had to run! He was just too excited and wanted to see it all.


memtree said...

oh cool! we only found out about this the afternoon we were leaving syd :( so it's good to see how it looked like! thanks :)

michele aka the tiny said...

Hello! Hope you are well? Yes... I loved that festival out at the island so much that I cant stop bloggin about it! But it was truly inspiring... Glad you like the images! xx

missjessm said...

That is one exhibition that I missed and regretted missing so much!

michele aka the tiny said...

Hi Jess... Yes -it was a Jess-kind of would have loved it! I still cant believe how much work was out there... xx