Monday, April 23, 2012

Colours of Newtown...Part two.

Newtown...April 2012

So today is another grey day in The Emerald City... Boo hoo! 
Just when I need bright sunny days in my indoor/outdoor stu stu studio!
Ive moved into large scale drawings that sees me move the easel outside - for the space and for the natural light that is so important when working in such strong colours. I once tried working inside when I had my rainbow of colours out on the bench, and I was shocked when I took my drawing outside and realised that the colours looked completely different to what I thought... Oh dear.

Anyhoo - its always good to have a bit of a blogging session. And today sees me revisit my collection of photos taken from an afternoon fun in Newtown when i photographed all the street colours I found in the laneways and backalleys behind King st. 

And let me tell you - those colours on the walls, doors, and everywhere else in between were as bright and bold as they could be, as they shone in the sunny natural light of the Sydney Sun.... 

So the equation of the day is : Natural Light + Colour = match made in heaven.
Makes sense really...

Another guerrilla knitted poll stocking... I hadn't seen one of those for a while!
Denise Litchfield perhaps?

That little paste up girl looks like me today! it.

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