Wednesday, April 4, 2012

w r a p p e d

Slowly but surely each square was created over a two year period.
It took time and patience which is exactly what i had up my sleeve,
as I got back on my feet after a few years of ill health.

Knitting seemed to be the perfect project
and i loved working with all the colours, textures and warmth of the wool. 

After each square was completed it went into a pile.
 Until... a good friend of mine found them all in pieces,
and asked for them to be made into a blanket... for her.

And its been on my 'to do' list ever since!
That was until last week, when I had a phone call saying that she
was in hospital awaiting an operation herself. I had to finish it...
and give it to her for the long recovery ahead...

Well...this is it now... all sewn up and in its new home.

Thank you Amy for making me finish this project...
I hope you love it
and that it keeps you warm and well


Alenka said...

one little busy bee you are! love it, the colours are so vibrant! xxx

michele aka the tiny said...

oh thanks lovely. This one was a long, big project. But i loved it... And cant beat the strong, pure colours of the wool...xx

memtree said...

so sweet of you! the colours are stunning!

Sarah said...

This blanket is stunningly beautiful! A friend has put me in touch with your blog and I love it! Please could I have your permission to place one of these images on my blog:
Best wishes and thank you!

michele aka the tiny said...

oh thank you memtree and sarah for your comments! It was all a labour of love, and as you both know... its worth every moment! making and sharing is what its all about! happy easter x