Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wall styling.

Inside Out, Jul/Aug, 2007. Photography: Gaelle Le Boulicaut. Love the tones in this image.
From the warm modern floral wallpaper on the wall, to the taupe colour on the skirting, and
the bronze light that adds shine and visual interest... its all really simple and really clever.
It's raining its pouring 
The old man is snoring! 
I wish I was... 
Instead I was woken up early by a cat who wanted to avoid getting his paws wet. 
Anyway... today is indeed wet and the light is trying to get brighter and more daytime in feel... 

By now you may know Im working hard in the 'Cobweb + Laundry' studio.. aka the space underneath the house for a solo show in June... and on a wet and gloomy day its not the easiest place to create. 
{Which is a shame as I was getting on a good roll with the larger drawings... Boo hoo}.

So this morning I decided to turn to magazines for some light relief... and some inspiration as I love looking at the artwork people collect, and the creative ideas they have for their walls...
Yes. Crazy as a mad matter. I know. I know.

Today's inspiration comes courtesy of Inside Out circa 2007. And this time its not one article but a smorgasbord of images that featured throughout the issue. And in 2007 it was all about the re discovery of pattern, wallpaper, and textured treatments. 
My kind of interiors...

Still liking these cut out wallpaper projects that look great in a kids bedroom... This print is lovely and is
retro styled... as it comes complete with a cuckoo clock light. Its by Wonderland and the image
was styled by Claire Driscoll. Photography: Amanda Prior

What makes this wall amazing is not just the brilliant artwork hung in a salon style on the wall
but the added element of the chairs! They are amazing and are sculptures in their own right. Its like the
artwork on the wall has made its way to a 3d format on the floor. The image was styled by Shannon Fricke
and features in her book Sense of Style:Space. Photography: Prue Ruscoe

Love the colour and vintage feel of this image.
And all starts with the wallpaper print called
'Deer' by GP & Baker from Mokum. 

From red to bright yellow.
This beautiful image stands out not just for the fact there is a bright yellow chair sitting front and centre...
 It stands out because of the amazing textured and dishevelled wall treatment
 that tells a story...and adds character.
It also makes the pattern in the tiles work.
Styling : Claire Driscoll. Photography: Jason Loucas

And then there is the clever Glen Proebstel and his styling idea for pinning coloured swatches on the wall...
So simple. So clever. Framed or unframed this would add colour and texture in one hour to any wall space!

Quicker than eight months in the studio creating a series of artworks.. that's for sure.
Photgraphy: Amanda Prior.

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