Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sunshine on my shoulders...

The studio... April 2012

... and colour on my paint palette.

This moment down in the studio on Monday was such a happy one.
The Sun was shining, it was warm and still
and the colours just kept flowing.

When I start a new work I usually start by building up layers...
First with pencil, then with acrylic paint
and finally with oil based materials
such as oil pastels and oil paint.

Like a cake, it all has to come in the right order and at the right time
and for me it gives my work depth and dimension.
And what every artist hopes for...
a sense of place and complexity.

Lets hope the rain starts its journey south
in the next few days,
so I can feel the creative process
once more.

{And dry out my soggy socks!}

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