Tuesday, May 15, 2012

m u r r u m b i d g e e

Beautiful morning light on the Murrumbidgee River, Wagga Wagga, May 2012

I can hear a lot of head scratching out there. 
Yes - it is a word. Well actually its two words - 
Murrumbidgee means 'Big River' in Wiradjuri, which is an Aboriginal language that comes from the Wiradjuri peoples that live around a place called Wagga Wagga. And I know that even a few of you overseas have heard of that place. 

The Murrumbidgee River is an amazing river that is the lifeblood of the whole Riverina region, from thousands of years ago to today. A few short months the river system was completely flooded when the east coast of Australia received flood breaking rains. And today there is some damage and evidence of their brutal force and extensive reach. But last weekend the place was sunny, calm and beautiful...

I hope I have done it some justice in these photos today as I had the most beautiful stroll along its riverbanks on Saturday morning.
It was really great to get away - even for a couple of days - and be inspired. 
Hope you enjoy the stroll along the Murrumbidgee too... and in the next few days Ill have some more posts on a place called Wagga Wagga.
See you soon

The light and the colours along the riverbank were so beautiful last Saturday morning... It was a great way to start my time in this stunning countryside. And the river looked like milk chocolate don't you think? Like that scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

The new bridge next to...

the old bridge...

... with the old river gauge on the side of the pylon. I think it got pretty close to the top in the recent floods.
I love the cut-outs on the pylons that make the landscape look like miniature paintings...

After the rain and all the mud comes new life through the cracks.
And little paw prints from dog walks along the track...

And right near here is where I stayed. I just wished I had more time there to draw and sketch...

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