Wednesday, May 30, 2012

my night with vivid...vol.2

The MCA... in a new, colourful playsuit provided by the organisers of the Vivid Sydney Festival.

So the last time I saw you I was watching people play video-projected instruments on the front of the MCA, and had started to run toward The Opera House to meet up with a few friends to see Janelle Monae perform as part of the Vivid Festival. I know. Big treat and something I have saved and waited for while hibernating in the studio. I say - if you're going to treat yourself its worth doing in style! And it was a brilliant performance by Janelle and her Androids. 
And the best part? The people watching. 
Those Janelle fans really know how to dress!!

On the way there I was taking in all the light installations as part of the Vivid festival. And today I thought I would show you the last two big highlights for me, which were the two massive projections on the front of the MCA and Customs House buildings at Circular Quay...

If you're in Sydney and thinking of a trip down to see the lights, I suggest spending some time with these two works in particular as act as like performances in themselves. Both light shows are synced to a musical score that you can listen to while sitting on the grass. And while I was there people were having picnics on the dark.
It felt like the best Friday night plan in the world.

Customs House... with a captive audience.

How beautiful does Customs House look? Amazing isnt it? There were locals and tourists lined up to see this work. And with the surrounding buildings also lit up for the festival, there was colour and action everywhere.

So... did I make it in time to see Janelle?
Did I pull myself away from all the colourful shiny things?
Oh yes. But the light show held me captive for longer than I thought.

A brilliant night out and a brilliant treat for the months of hibernation in the studio!

VIVID Sydney Festival
25 May - 11 June
Sydney Opera House, Customs House and MCA
Vivid Lights is a free event (map provided on the festival website)

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