Monday, June 4, 2012

The beginning...

Trip the Light Fantastic Exhibition invitation image... well... one part of it!

Happy Monday everybody. 
Hope you're all well... and warm. I thought I would be just saying that last sentence to all my fellow folk over on this side of the globe. As it turns out, its just as cold in Europe! 

This time every year I usually start my June postings with the phase:

Hello Winter... how lovely to see you again (said in a slightly sarcastic tone)...
How have you been keeping these past few months while on vacation in the Northern Hemisphere? Well I hope and not too frosty?! 

As you can tell Im not much of a winter person. I love the hot. The super hot. The humid hot. And I shy away from the cold. Ten years ago I spent a year living in Edinburgh. Kind of like an experiment. I tried to love the long dark days, the frosty winds and the driving rains and snow. Oh - and the black ice. I thought that it would be good to embrace the other side of the equation, and find peace and balance with Jack Frost. Well - Jack and I never really saw eye to eye. And ever since Ive been looking for ways to keep myself in warmer climates. 

But on the weekend Winter began. 
And boy - did it say hello in the most spectacular fashion. 
Cold. Wet. Dark.Dreary. And did I mention cold?
Which pretty much put an end to my long happy days in the studio. For now.

Nevermind - Ive been busying myself with more happy and colourful indoor pursuits. Like sending out my new invitations to my show, which opens in a few short weeks. And Im slowly starting to reveal some of the new works. Without giving too much away. 
Above you can see one half of a long landscape drawing, that is featured on the invite. Its called La Belle Epoch and the full image is below...

La Belle Epoch, mix media on paper, framed, 2012

The drawing is a good summary of the show, as it is all about colour, light, movement and water. It talks about a perfect time, a beautiful period, when everything is calm, quiet, peaceful and beautiful. Like the moment when the sun rises and it's the start of a new day... 
A time of renewal and of happy energies. 
Remember that? 

Right Panel from the drawing La belle Epoch, 2012

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