Monday, June 11, 2012

all that jazz.

What to do... what to do...
Its the start of a new week and the start of the week which will see me installing my solo show on Sunday... 
But lets back track a little. 
I disappeared on you after my post early last week and i have no excuse. Other than the fact that my time, and thoughts, have been centred on finishing my artwork for the exhibition and all the jazz that comes along with that.... such as labels, framing, catalogue, images... and titles.

Trip the Light Fantastic Drawing Installation, June 2012

Other distractions included seeing a couple of amazing exhibitions, one being Claire McArdle's extremely colourful and textural jewellery sculpture show at Studio 20/17 at Danks st. {I wish I had been able to stay longer at that opening on Saturday.} 
That same afternoon I picked up an unsold painting from an exhibition AND bid a sad farewell to the Collect Store at Object Gallery as it had its last day of trading on Saturday. 

And in amongst all of that I carried my camera. Just in case. But it never came out of my bag and I wondered why as Im usually so excited to take photos wherever I am. Inspiration is truly everywhere and I love trying to find and capture a portion of it through my lens. 

This past week was different. And I wondered whether it was because there were so many things happening. So many beginnings and endings that had me thinking rather than acting... pondering rather than writing here on this tiny blog. 

It truly is Winter here in this part of the globe and that always plays a part in my energy levels. If you've been following me for a little while now you would know that I frequently call myself a lizard, as I LOVE the warmth of the Sun and the heat and light of Summer and Spring. 
Well.... those days have departed for now. And this little lizard is hibernating from the grey wet days of Winter... 

And so my new resolution for the season? To try, just try, to find some inspiration for the Winter. It'll be tough but Im up for the challenge. 

And I believe that the launch of the 18th Biennale of Sydney will be a good place to start. 
It opens on 27 June, and from what Ive seen so far in the press, it looks to be a cracker.

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