Thursday, June 28, 2012

m o m e n t s

Trip the Light Fantastic Solo Exhibition at Breathing Colours Gallery, June 2012

Where do I begin?
My life is a blur of emotions, events, information and activities. 
And its been hard to keep up. 
That is why today I had to push the go-slow button on the time-o-meter {made up word!!} and turn a blind eye to all my deadlines, schedules, clocks n'phones... so I could look back at all those little moments.
You know...
Those 'pinch me' moments when you realise that you've achieved some pretty amazing things, while being surrounded by some pretty amazing friends and family. 
Case in point....?

The moment when I realised that Jess and I were installing my exhibition at Breathing Colours gallery a little over a week ago....

This is Jess who owns the lovely Breathing Colours Gallery in Sydney, and in this sunny moment during install when I had just unwrapped all the larger artworks and they were waiting
patiently to be organised onto the walls.
Wasn't the light beautiful in this moment?
I loved the shadows and reflections being projected onto the walls...

The Workshop moment.
This photo was taken during install when some very good friends had just arrived to help Jess and I
make some decisions, and pose some new ideas and options that had never crossed my mind before.
 Which is always exciting...

And then there was this lovely moment from a few days ago, when I went to visit the gallery and take some photos with Alenka, who was seeing everything for the first time. It was so great to hear her thoughts... and play with her little boy Jona... who is very cute.

Jona looming large in the space... surrounded by lots and lots of colour!

And then it was time to head off to work and say goodbye to Jess and the exhibition ...
and take one last photo of the works sitting happily in the space.

So many beginnings and endings.
And im truly happy for all the changes.
But in the every day there needs to be an opportunity to quietly look back and take a deep breath. And today I did that...
Thank you to everyone who came to the opening last Saturday.
It was such an amazing evening... 
A moment I will never forget.


Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Michele, I'm so glad you can take this moment and soak in the magic. You really should be proud of yourself. I truly adored the works. Without doubt my favourite show to date. I wanted to wrap them all up and take them home. They have a lightness and energy to them that I love. I'm going to sneak back sans kids so I can enjoy them properly.

Goosey proudly told her preschool teachers about her fairy godmother's show on Monday.

Congratulations, m'dear. xxxoooxxx

Alenka said...

Yes you should be so proud lovely tiny! The exhibition is utterly gorgeous! I'm so proud of you! And inspired! :-)

tehehe Jona and I have made another appearance on the tiny trappings blogscape.. :-) x