Monday, July 16, 2012

one last walk through...

Trip the Light Fantastic Exhibition, Breathing Colours gallery, Balmain, June/July 2012

Just before the last day was over I took a few photos to remember what it looked like.... as it honestly felt like it was over in the blink of an eye. I hope you enjoy this little walking tour of the exhibition? Even looking at these images now makes me sad that its all over... 

But im happy at how it felt to see all the colours of each work up on the gallery walls of Breathing Colours. 
A truly amazing experience. And one big six month journey. 

Im just glad I can finally share all these works with you now, as it was hard to conceal each work from you as I was creating it in the studio... 

In main view is the drawing 'Rhythm + Flow' 2012. 

On the left is the mixed media drawing on wood entitled 'Chiaroscuro' 2012

This large drawing on paper is called 'Flood Plains' 2012

A sea of blue. This is a section of works that look at the harbour and all its bluey/green colours and textures

Room shot. 

Four small framed drawings that are sitting happily together

This big blue work on the right is entitled 'La Belle Epoch', and it was interesting work, as it was very moody in the space! It needed to be on its own in the corner!

And finally the big diptych on wood in the window. This work is called 'Mind Meditations', and it was a bright happy work that greeted people as they walked past the gallery windows...

Yay to happy endings -
and yay to the next project 
that I can finally unveil this week.
Stay tuned.

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