Monday, September 24, 2012

september weaving collective @ the pop up

Our weaving table at the pop up... filled with lots of colour and friendly faces.
One surprise addition to the table yesterday was Phillip,
who is an amazing man that loves creating and joining any community
arts project that promises a change from his day job in IT...

I love the weaving sessions at The pop up.
They may have started as a way of teaching and sharing my love of colour and weaving. But now this series of workshops has morphed into something more. We are now a colourful collective of friends who come together to have some creative fun. 
And a chat!

Yesterday was my second workshop at The Pop Up space in Crows Nest. 
And even though it was held on a truly beautiful Spring Sunday, we still had a full table of familiar faces - and a few newbies - who were eager to learn, but more importantly, share.

And what Ive discovered is that everyone has a unique style of weaving. 
It intuitively flows from their hands.
I may teach the same simple techniques to everyone. 
But in an instant,  they all discover they have their own innate way of creating. 

And that is what I love.
I hope you enjoy these images from our colourful day at the weaving table sessions...

Mignon relaxing while creating.
Yesterday she discovered the comforts of weaving and reclining in my old armchair!
On the wall you can see a beautiful neckpiece by Olenka, that she made for me in some
of my fav colours. Thank you lovely lady!

Working with the lovely Alison who has become a regular at the table!

Cecilia and her beautiful bowl that was nearly finished by the end of the day...

Two colourful and beautifully finished woven bowls by one of my
lovely weaving addicts

Alison multi tasking! You have to learn how to chat and weave at our table!

At the bottom right you can see an amazing new work by Olenka...

Josephine, Laura, Phillip and Ames...
all very busy!

Laura's busy hands at the table...surrounded by
materials that we weave and play with....

Cecilia and the gang.
I love playing at The Pop Up.
It feels like home, especially when surrounded by friendly people +
a few of my artworks on the wall.
Oh - and the addition of the paper pom pom installation
on the ceiling!


memtree said...

wow how fun! will you be down in melb for some weaving fun?

michele aka the tiny said...

hello! I hope to bring some colourful weaving fun to Melbourne one day...! it would be great to share it with you x