Friday, September 21, 2012

colour heaven // Sydney Biennale 2012

Wind chimes by Tiffany Singh...
all in sync and looking like a school of sea creatures hung out to dry! 

So this is my final post on the 18th Sydney Biennale 
and I thought Id end on a colourful and textural note. 
I have to - some of my favourite moments were captured in these photos. 

For example - I loved walking into this open courtyard and seeing this amazing display of wooden wind chimes by Tiffany Singh, that were singing and swaying to the beat of the wind on Cockatoo Island.

Wind Chimes decorated by the public and installed as another artwork...
at Cockatoo Island.

Above is an image of Tiffany's wind chimes that were originally part of her installation at Pier 2/3. She asked the public to take one and decorate it at home, or at schools across the city, before catching a ferry ride to the Island and installing it as part of another artwork. 

Now that is what you call collaboration! 
I love that the work was completely organic and that no one knew what each wind chime was going to look like. 

Li Hongbo, Ocean of Flowers, 2012, Cockatoo Island

This work by Li Hongbo by was probably one of the most photographed in the Biennale!
How could it not be?!
It was an artwork of folded paper flowers in every colour possible!
When you walked into the room you immediately felt happy and excited to walk around and marvel at all the work and attention to detail!

Cecilia Vicuna from Chile and her work Quipu Austral, 2012

From the happy to the sombre.
This work created a quiet and reflective mood as it spoke of connection and communication  through a system of knots and chords in fabric. Kind of like morse code in fabric form. 
People in The Andes used this system to connect and communicate for more than five thousands before The Conquest.
And as they swayed in the wind these textural and colourful strands of felt seemed to be saying something to us - something that Im sure was interesting - but I wasnt able to translate!

The biggest painting!! In the most amazing shape!
Its by Adam Cvijanovic and its called The River, 2012

 this work by Lee Mingwei at the MCA looked like a form of wall Braille when I saw it!
They are spools of cotton thread mounted on the wall...

Mit Jai Inn, and his work ... NO 112, 2002/12, which is somewhere between
a sculpture and a painting. The textures that he built up on the canvas
were beautiful and I nearly climbed onto the plinth to get a closer look.

Tiffany Singh's colourful installation at Pier 2/3...

And finally to Pier 2/3 and where the wind chimes all began.
This where the public could take a chime and decorate it... before going to Cockatoo Island and displaying it!
I love this artwork for so many reason...
The colour, the sounds, the collaboration, the decoration, the size of it and the way it lead you on a journey... from one part of the Biennale to another. It was clever and it truly reflected the theme of this years festival which was all about connections, threads and how we create and relate together...

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