Tuesday, September 18, 2012

white textures// Biennale 2012

You know where you are from the moment you step off the ferry and onto the Island!
18th Biennale of Sydney 2012

After two and a half months, thousands of visitors, many live performances, artist talks and a conference, the 18th Biennale of Sydney had its last day on Saturday. And by the skin of my teeth I made it to all 5 venues, and even saw a dance performance by a Belgium dance company! Im not sure how, but I did it! And I really enjoyed my time with this years Biennale that was entitled : All Our Relations.

Co-artistic directors Catherine de Zegher and Gerald Mc Master wanted to look at how we are all connected to each other and how we relate to each other.  Its an interesting idea... and it was great to play and co-create with many of the works in the exhibition.

It was a massive 3 day adventure to visit all the venues and see all the works.
Today its all about white textures - a theme that was a lovely, quiet counter-balance to all the colour and noise that many of the works displayed.
So Ive broken up my images into a few posts that I hope you will enjoy...

A beautiful installation by Monika Grzymala and Euraba Artists and Papermakers, Cockatoo Island

The hypnotic and truly beautiful installation by Ed Pien and Tanya Tagaq... As you walked inside the work you felt like we were part of the shadow puppetry. And when you stepped out of the coil and could see it all from the outside it looked amazing..

The massive Styrofoam sculptural piece by New Zealand sculptor Peter Robinson was HUGE!! It took a lot of time and many volunteers to put it together but it look brilliant in the Turbine Hall.
Australian artist Jonathan Jones with his work Untitled (Oysters and tea cups) 2012

Jin Nu, Exuviate II : Where have all the children gone?, 2005
This work was reccommed to me and Im so glad I saw it. 
So haunting and so beautiful... 

This work was massive at Pier 2/3. Huge white sheets created a maze to walk through and get lost in.
Its by Honore d'O and it is called Air and Inner, 2012

And what were my favourite white works? Well they were two very quiet works that I couldn't take photos of! 

They were Nyapanyapa Yunupingu's drawing video installation work at the MCA that I sat in front of and lost track of time. It was seemingly simple but very complex. 
And the other work was the amazing sound installation by Thai artist Pinaree Sanpitak. I walked in circles and played for ages! 
Who needs a playground with a slide and a swing?!

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