Wednesday, September 19, 2012

seeing the future

Canadian artist/architect Philip Beesley's amazing installation at Cockatoo Island called
Hylozoic Series: Sibyl 2012

At the 17th Sydney Biennale in 2010 there was one work that I could not stop taking photos of. Every angle, every texture, every tiny detail was inspiring and I acted like a kid in a candy store. It was by Australian artist Janet Laurence and it was situated in The Botanical Gardens.
{If you would like to have another look at what Im talking about, have a click here.}

This year I already had a tip off that THE ARTWORK of this years Biennale was truly special, and my good friend Amelia who was working out at Cockatoo Island that day, was so excited for me to see this kinetic and interactive installation that she took me to see it straight away! And Im so glad she did! 

I loved it. And I loved photographing it. 
I felt like i was seeing the future... in artwork form. 
And I hope ive done it justice in this post?!

This was one of my favourite photos from the Biennale.
I love Amelia's smile as she looked at the work...
You had to smile as you looked at this artwork as it responded to your every touch, like
it was alive!!

Parts moved, blew up, smelt like frankincense, and it was truly AMAZING!

I loved the shadows that it created on the walls too...

I hope i will have the chance to see another artwork from Philip Beesley as this one
only made me excited to see MORE!

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