Friday, November 2, 2012

just a couple more

Surrounded by sculptures on the Bondi headland walk...

It was a hot, sunny afternoon and I was surrounded by tourists, Eastern Suburb Gen -y's looking to perfect their tans, and a massive grey army - all in their comfy walking shoes, hats and maps. It truly was a great mix of people, all coming together in one of Sydney's best locations, to enjoy  one of this cities most iconic art exhibitions. 

Sculpture by the Sea is always a great reminder that Summer is on its way, and that's its time to embrace the outdoors and ANYTHING to do with the beach. 

Its also a visual reminder that vivid colour is not hard to come in this part of the globe. 
I mean - just look at that blue sky! 

Inspiration for the week?

Kevin Draper, threshold, 2012

a few of the artworks poked fun at the whole concept,
and didnt try to take themselves too seriously - like this work by
Dave Mercer entitled view tm, 2012

which statue is the real thing ??...
In the foreground is the 'real' sculpture by Steinunn Thorainsdottir called trace, sphere, gate, 2012
one big sculptural playground // Tamarama beach filled with people and artworks.

Kate Dunn, regenerate, 2012
Bronte. no words needed.

I hoped you liked the tour?
It was a great afternoon exploring the sunny side of the city, with artworks included!
Have a colourful and inspiring weekend and Ill see you on the other side...x

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