Tuesday, November 6, 2012

pattern play

working on large scale drawings for the commission///nov 2012

Anyone back the winner today in The Melbourne Cup? 
Other than my mate Fiona, I don't know anyone else who was that clever!

I let the race pass me by this year. 
After YEARS serving food to large tables of drunk men in dark suits, I think its an absolute treat to not have to focus on the horse race 'that stops a nation' on the first Tuesday of November every year! 

Im happy to break the pattern and be a bit of a renegade. 

Today I had a much better pattern to tend to. 
And that was my daily stroll up to The Pop Up to play, paint, and this afternoon, say goodbye to a finished commissioned artwork, as it was placed into the waiting arms of its new owners! 
And they loved it! hooray!! What a relief! 
One painting down, one BIG one to go....

Pattern on the ground.... patterns on my apron... and patterns on my top.

Patterns from a mural found at Bondi last week...
Patterns from an artwork created for a special celebration....

Graph paper patterns that form the background to one of my favourite drawings

Patterns created by Emma Kidd aka benconservato... for our pop up workshop calendar this month

And finally patterns to sit on while reading at The Pop Up...

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