Friday, November 9, 2012

rhythm and flow

In the Pop Up this week... November 2012

Busy week and my body has quietly whispered in my ear, and let me know that its time to take a break! Which is fair enough. As you're investing so much of your self in a creative project - especially one with a deadline - you automatically start to unwind and recharge when its over. Even if its for only one day!

When the first big commissioned painting was picked up by its new family on Tuesday, all I could feel was happiness and relief.
Happy that it was finished and relieved that they loved it!

In the end I called it 'The rhythm runs though it' 2012, as it felt like there was a river of energy running diagonally though the canvas. There is a landscape in there too - but as it is so abstract I really wanted the title to reflect the colour, light and energy that I tried to highlight through the work.
And boy - is it colourful!

On the wall is the finished painting : The Rhythm Runs Through it, 2012

Still on the easel but im pretty sure its finished

On Tuesday I also dropped off my 3 metre canvas' to start the BIG ONE as it is now called!
But first Im taking a big breath...

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