Monday, November 19, 2012

u n s c r i p t e d

inspiration tacked to my studio wall...
  a drawing from The Hummingbird series of artworks from 2010.

getting stuck into the big one!

Its interesting how things all come together.
Like the sequence of a day that started with a scratch of the head... and a yawn.

This morning i wasnt feeling the best.
I was tired and felt like turning around and going back to bed.
Initially I had geared myself up for a BIG week in front of a big canvas.
And then I woke up and suddenly it was 2pm!

How that happened I have no idea. I know I did stuff.
But none of it involved a paintbrush and a certain canvas.

The day was already off script.
And when that happens I find that the the best thing  for me to do.... is walk.
It doesn't have to been a long walk.
It doesn't have to involve a list of things to do along the way.
All i have to do is let go, and see where my feet take me.
Like a tiny adventure.

And so I walked.
And where did I eventually find myself at the end of this tiny little stroll?
The studio!
Funny huh? I guess I wanted to go there all along....
And sit in front of this 3 metre expanse of white stretched fabric.

It just took me a while to get there...

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