Wednesday, November 21, 2012

master class

Ken Whisson exhibition As if at the MCA, November 2012

Its funny when nostalgia hits you and makes you pine for times that have past, or been put on hold. Many of us have experienced A LOT of change this year. Some may say that it was written in the stars. Others will tell you that it was LONG overdue. No matter what the circumstances, many of us are exhausted by what this year has brought. And if you're anything like me - youre now starting to feel, see, and understand all the changes that have happened.

Im starting to see that some of my old routines are out the window. 
Which is good... and bad. 
Some were just fine the way they were!

Take for example - my routine of walking around the art galleries in East Sydney. In the last six months many have closed their doors and said goodbye, with a few of the older guard just holding on.

I love that gallery. 
Its old and a little rough around the edges. But that little red building on Riley street is an institution for that little pocket of the city. I remember being introduced to Frank Watters for an art theory class at uni, and hearing all his stories about the Sydney art scene in the 1970s. And from that moment on I was hooked.

Over the years Ive kept going there to see many of my favourite artists show there work there. With Ken Whisson being one of them. 

So when the MCA announced a massive retrospective of his work for the end of this year I was so excited to hear that a whole floor of the museum would be dedicated to his quirky abstract style. 

Yesterday I went back for my second look at this amazing show. And I loved it even more. 
His style is completely unique, as flat geometric shapes slide around the canvas', slicing and dicing objects and landscapes - making your eyes and mind work hard for some sort of understanding.

His aesthetic is his own. Which is rare these days. 
He makes no apologies for what he creates. 
And is now receiving the recognition that he truly deserves.
Loved it.

Ken Whisson: As if
Level 3
George st The rocks
Till this Sunday (25th Nov)

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