Monday, December 3, 2012


Melbourne - December 2012

And I have a few lovely friends, and one amazing city to thank for that!

Im sad to this this...
But until last weekend it had been YEARS since I had visited Melbourne. 

Through a combination of bad health, bad timing, and working most weekends, that trip had stayed on the wish list until last Friday! 
But boy - was it was worth the wait. 

For two days my friend Amelia and I wondered the lane ways, galleries and beautiful cafes and bars from morning till night with a massive list of places to see and sample.
And today Im just trying to piece it all back together, through the photos Ive found on my camera and phone in the last few hours! 

So for this tiny post I thought I would just look at a TINY sample of what I found in two long days of walkin in my little black boots!
I hope you enjoy...


Every Cake Has A Story said...

fantastic pics lovely!! am printing out the milk crates and all you need is love for my wall at work

Every Cake Has A Story said...

Lovely!! Best ever!!!
Am printing out the milkcrates and all you need is love for my wall at work