Wednesday, December 5, 2012

u n n a t u r a l. b e a u t i e s.

unnatural tendencies + unnatural acts, two jewellery exhibitions at Craft, Melbourne, 2012

How lucky was I?!
While on my whirlwind trip to Melbourne last weekend, I was able to catch the colourful last two days of Unnatural Tendencies + Unnatural Acts - two exhibitions which featured some of Australia's most innovative and celebrated contemporary jewellers. 
Yep - I was lucky indeed!

Mel Young and Lauren Simeoni - two of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet - are the creative brains behind the 'unnatural' series of exhibitions' that have been travelling around Australia, and the world, for the past 3 years. Way back in 2009 I reviewed their very first collaboration at Metalab in Sydney. And if you're curious at how much these two women have come since then, please have a look here
{But please excuse my writing and bad images....eep! The blog has come a long way since 2009!!)

I feel very fortunate to have seen the latest instalment of this series of jewellery exhibitions. And in a space that celebrates contemporary craft and design in Australia - which is rare these days!

Over the past month, the beautiful main space at this basement gallery on Flinders Lane had been transformed into a colourful + textural wonderland with every kind of material bent, beaded, reconfigured and re-imagined into wearable jewels that asked to be noticed and admired.

I know its always difficult to get a true sense of a show by photos on a blog... 
But  I hope you enjoy this tiny walk through these two amazing exhibitions.

In this image you can see the long wooden table showcasing the first exhibition entitled Unnatural Acts, curated by Mel Young and Lauren Simeoni, who asked 13 Australian contemporary jewellers to create wearable pieces of jewellery using a bag of odd materials that they sent each jeweller in the post. Each bag contained a variety of different and unusual materials including fake plants and fruit.

How amazing is this installation of 98 pieces of technicoloured jewellery?!
Entitled Unnatural Tendencies, this two-person exhibition by Mel Young and Lauren Simeoni brought together the collaborative thoughts and creations of these two contemporary artists... 

These next 3 images give you an idea of the detail and sheer beauty in each piece of jewellery.
Every piece is unique and made by hand, and focused on pure colour and pure fun!
Each piece also pushes boundaries and expectations of what we believe jewellery to be... and be made of. 

And in this last photo, you can see the latest addition to my humble collection of artworks.
Can you guess which one it is?
Thank you Lauren for suggesting an artist swap!!
A drawing will be heading your way soon!

Unfortunately these two exhibition closed on Sunday in Melbourne.
But look out for the next instalment in the new year!

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