Thursday, January 10, 2013

follow your bliss

summer 2012/13.... in Sydney 

Its funny when you look through photos and realise they form one picture. One theme. 
When I was scrolling through my instagram photos on my phone the other day, it was very clear to me that my photos were saying one thing. And that thing was nature. Boy - i must have needed to escape!

But maybe I should rewind the tape a little and go back to the end of December.

As you may have noticed I was trying to finish about 10 projects. There were workshops to teach, commission to finish and deliver, pop ups to work in and then say goodbye to. And to top it all off I had to pack up my wares and move my studio from the pop up to the 'cobwebs and laundry' studio space underneath the house!!

I was exhausted. I admit it.
I remember saying to a friend that I felt that something was missing.
But I couldn't think of what that 'something' was....

So I did what most of us do over Christmas?
I stopped. I stayed put. And I switched off my aging computer and got back to the things that make Sydney so lovely over Summer.

In the nine photos above Ive given you a tiny glimpse at some of my favourite moments from the past few weeks. And most of them do have the same feel. The same colours. The same light. And that is what I love about this beautiful city....

That you can stay home and be a hop, skip and jump away from all of this.

Now I cant say that Im totally back to my old self.
But I know Im on the right track.
And my studio is starting to call - and ask me to come and play.

I hope you've all had a great start to 2013 
and have started to feel inspired
and excited for the year ahead....


Erin said...

So true! Same here-- I stayed in Sydney over the break and am slowly but surely getting back on schedule in the studio... Looking forward to 2013!

michele aka the tiny said...

Hi Erin... thank you for your lovely comment. Yes- summer in sydney can be the best home/holiday ever! IF you remember to truly switch off!! Hope you had a lovely summer break x