Monday, December 24, 2012

m e r r y.

Christmas 2012

Happy Christmas Eve everyone.
I hope you have a truly lovely evening, 
and that it is a prelude to a fun, festive, creative, and colourful Christmas Day! 

In Sydney it is humid and hot with the sweet smell of white gardenias in the air. The beach has been calling to come and play, and the streets have become quiet, with only the sound of kids playing on their bikes, scooters and skateboards filling the warm afternoon breeze. 

There is a Summery feel to the season this year and I cant wait for things to slow down to a snails pace...

Whether that means reading a book all day - 
or sitting in a park chatting to friends and family over a sizzling bbq feast.

Whatever the season brings to you
I hope enjoy every moment -

And that you have a truly happy and restorative end to 2012.
See you soon

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