Monday, January 21, 2013

on the bookshelf: kitty kantilla

Kitty Kantilla by Judith Ryan.... my new addition to the tiny white bookshelf!
Merry Christmas to me...

So we're into the third week of January 
And things are starting to take shape.
sort of...
Ive rediscovered coffee in the morning... as well as the afternoon.
Ive found that staring into space for longer than 5 minutes makes you feel a little loopy but relaxed.
Ive rediscovered my feet after days of extreme heat which forced me to retire my little black boots 
[that my boot-maker lovingly saved from the bin after breathing new life into them.}

And ive also rediscovered books. Non digital, turn paging books with no touch screens and like buttons. Yep. Ive been going back to my roots, sitting at my little wooden desk  .... and reading! 
And loving it.
And one book that has been inspiring me is the NGV's publication on Australian artist Kitty Kantilla.

What an amazing artist she was...
Intuitive, delicate, and complex, Kitty was a true technician of abstract pattern making, as she represented the poetry, colour and culture of the Tiwi peoples within every painting, print and sculpture throughout her career - which spanned nearly 40 years.

I know this book will be a favourite as I start my new series of works...

Let the fun begin!

Love a beautiful image of a hand at work...

Her prints are so soft, delicate and complex.

Colours of the Tiwi culture... 

And patterns that speak of their cultural history.

I think this painting on the right is one of my favourites!

Kitty Kantilla
by Judith Ryan
Published by National Gallery of Victoria
ISBN 9780724102839

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