Thursday, January 17, 2013

in the stars.

The beginning of something BIG! 

In my last post I was chatting about catch ups over the summer holidays in Sydney and how I spend  my time in the wake of Christmas.
Well - in the last week something shifted.

I was starting to feel restless. Yes - Ive been loving my time with friends and doing all the things that you over summer... like live at the beach! But I was starting to get some ideas about new projects and artworks for this year. Which caught me by surprise as I usually dont get those kinds of thoughts and visions so early into a new year. 

But an idea was asking to be noticed. And before I knew it I was bypassing the beach and making a beeline for my tiny studio under the house. Not to draw or paint. But to weave. And go BIG! 

And today I can show you the first woven form for the year. 
Its the biggest piece Ive every attempted and ive called it Whistlers Star.

Is it what I saw in my dreams and thoughts?
Not quite.
But its a start....
And it truly feels like the beginning of my new series for 2013.

The finished woven bowl entitled 'Whistler's Star' 2013...

A tiny close up...

Pattern on pattern on pattern! Maybe this will be a theme for this year?

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