Sunday, January 13, 2013

the 504

Is 504 a tag by a local graf artist in Newtown? If anyone can solve this little mystery for me
I would really appreciate it!

January is usually synonymous with playtime.
You have beach time, movie time, time out with friends at bars, cafes, and parks. 
And then there are the catch ups.

A 'catch up' in January usually involves meeting up with friend that you tried to see before Christmas.... but never did! OR catching up with good friends that you love, but somehow never get a chance to see throughout the year due to the general craziness of everyday life. 

In the last two weeks I feel like ive travelled to many suburbs that I hadn't seen in many many years. But yesterday I was in very familiar territory as I caught up with a good friend who has recently moved back to Sydney.

So before the coffee, and the catch up chat in the park, I decided to quick walk through a few more back alleys to look at the new wall art.
I wasn't disappointed.

Perfect January catch up day!

My favourite.
Anyone fluent in binary code ?

1 comment: said...

I thought I saw a book at the MCA the other day about cat graffiti - I just googled it and came up with this:
There's also a facebook page! The stripey street cat - not sure what the 504 is though?

XXX Tina Fox