Sunday, January 27, 2013

u n i q u e

Sandra, me and Tina at the Australia Day ceremony in North Sydney
having our photo taken after receiving the
 '2012 Community Group of the Year Award' ...

A day to read the papers till your hands are black with newsprint...
A day to drink 20 cups of tea with  a side order of 'week in review' chats with friends, family and house mates on a comfy couch....
And a day of recovery from Australia Day hang overs... and of running around parks and beaches with everyone... and no one.

This Sunday im taking it very slow.
And not because of a hang over!

No - Im just enjoying the rain after days of extreme heat.
Im enjoying the act of 'not talking' after a fun trip to The Blue Mountains to visit good friends this week.
And Im also enjoying the quiet that only Sundays can bring, as yesterday was a busy Australia Day for me, as I was up and dressed early for a very special ceremony to receive a truly lovely award for the Pop Up Project.

Late last year North Sydney Council gave us the news that the 8 of us had received The 2012 Community Group of the Year Award for all our hard work on the Pop Up! Which was a huge honour... and surprise.
And yesterday Tina, Sandra, Pat and myself went along to collect our award and enjoy the ceremony, which saw many people receive their Australian citizenship. I had never seen or been a part of something like that before. And seeing a young family from another country be so excited to become an Australian and start a new chapter in their lives was truly moving... 

It definitely was a unique Australia Day.
And one Ill never forget.
Thank you to everyone who was involved with the project and who came along to the workshops....
This award is for you too


Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

That is all kinds of awesome! Well done, lady!! So good.

PS - unfortunately Sundays are a world away from that here!

michele aka the tiny said...

Oh thank you lovely. Yes - it was an amazing thing to experience with all the artists in the project. and a lovely way to finish too...
Yes - sundays are different for you! I hope its been a good day for everyone so far xxx