Monday, January 28, 2013

home of light + texture...

A detail from amy,jamie,ella,nissa,niah + odin's beautiful new home in the blue mountains... January 2013

Have you guessed that Im a little bit of a home body?
I guess its come from a culmination of things...
I love the creature comforts and the quiet energy that comes from pottering around my tiny home + studio.
I love being able to relax and unwind and be silent when much of my life beyond my front door can be extremely verbal and energetic.
I love the fact that my home gives me sanctuary when im dealing with my Crohns Disease, that has been quite serious in the last ten years. When you're not feeling the best, your home is the only place you can truly rest, rejuvenate and be yourself. 

I also love being able to observing things... collecting things... make things. 
That's why I've had a love affair with magazines and blogs over the years.
I love observing the way people live. We are all individuals and completely unique creatures. And I love that our homes reflect that.

On this little blog ive featured a few of my favourite homes - either by trawling through some my favourite interior magazines - OR -  by getting out into the big wide world and visiting the creative homes of friends + family. 
(which is much more fun!)

Last week I had the privilege of staying in the amazing new home of two of my oldest friends - amy+jamie - who moved to a beautiful spot in the Blue Mountains some 10 years ago, when they found the perfect place to 'renovate' and restore for their family (which was soon to grow to 4 children and a cat!)

Jamie is an environmental architect with a passion for sustainable materials and renewable energies. So along with Amy, who is an amazing artist/jeweller, they had a vision for their new home, and how they wanted to live in it. Now - and in the future.

In two years they have seen their ideas+inspirations take shape with a small team of builders and Jamie at the helm. And I was blown away with what I saw.

Open. Light filled. Natural. Comfortable. Clever. Precise. Detailed.
These are some of the words I would use to describe their new home.

I took a few photos while I was up there... and today and tomorrow Ill share a few of my favourite observations and details with you.
I hope I do it justice as it truly is a beautiful home.
Thank you family for letting me observe, stay and play with you.

The open + light filled kitchen/dining space... with niah,odin and amy having a morning chat.

so many beautiful textures... and vignettes.

odin and niah giving me their best morning poses!

odins mail!

Love all the textures in this spot, as the home transitions from old to new...

I love that all the random objects collected over the years have finally found their perfect
resting place, on a beautiful wooden open shelf in the new kitchen
Part two tomorrow....

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