Friday, February 8, 2013

^ first look ^

This was taken earlier this week... after many days of cleaning and sorting.
I had just unpacked my drawing materials to begin some
quick sketches...

Ta - da!
Welcome to the new studio
Its very lovely isnt it? Can you believe that it has never been a studio space before??
No - neither can I! Its roomy + light, with heaps of storage. And it kind of makes me feel like im in an old country school classroom.

So im unpacked, sorted and ready to roll. And ive given the studio a name.
Im calling it the white room studio, as it reminds me of a series of works that I completed way back in 2003.

The series consisted of simple abstract drawings on wood + paper that focused on making the viewer feel light, calm and quiet from the moment they set eyes on them. At the time I was going through some serious health issues with my Crohns Diease and those drawings were a way for me to meditate, relax and be still, while so much was happening around me.

That is what this studio space reminds me of.
That series of works.
As soon as I walked into this room I immediately felt calm and peaceful.
Even in the middle of inner Sydney.

What are the chances that my new drawings, paintings and weavings will reflect that same sense of calm?
High.... I hope!!

All I know so far is that I am one lucky lady.

Ive never had a studio like this before!

White Room Series, Sketch on Paper dated  1.10.03


Sonya Scott said...

Love The White Studio!!!

michele aka the tiny said...

Oh thank you Sonya! It is a lovely place to work... and I cant wait for more people to visit and enjoy it xx