Wednesday, February 6, 2013

over a pot of mint tea.

Playtime in the sketchbook... Feb 2013

I love it when things flow and happen - in such a way - that you know they were meant to be...
Does that sound too cosmic and 1970s for this time of the morning? 

But on Saturday afternoon three lovely ladies caught up over a cup of tea and realised that the conversations they were having were important. Important as they were being honest, open and truthful about everything... and nothing. 

We talked about life, the universe, pregnancy, illness, creativity, and about doing what makes us feel happy, healthy, and in control of our own lives.

And about half way through our second cup of tea we decided to get some art materials out on the table and play.
Nothing serious.
Just simple sketches. 

I loved that it all just flowed and no negative words were uttered such as... 'I cant!' 

By the time I was about to leave - after I had been given a house tour by the lovely little Rosie - I felt relaxed, reinvigorated and excited for the week ahead.

Amazing what can happen when we make the time for each other...
And have a chat over a cup of tea.

Thank you Anna and Alenka for a lovely afternoon.

4 comments: said...

Beautiful! Bet you're glad you didn't have a 'whinging pom' there?!

michele aka the tiny said...

haha... you make me laugh tina! Noooo... a whinging Pom would have been most welcome! As long as she brought sweet treats under one

mama bear said...

It was so inspiring to have you over – your visit has left a huge positive influence in our house ever since – thank you. xx

michele aka the tiny said...

aw - thank you mama bear! it really was a great afternoon... and so lovely to be in your beautiful home surrounded by your family xx