Friday, February 22, 2013

* four moments *

 ^ 1 This is a little moment from a beautiful celebration to welcome a new baby into the world. 
       I have to admit - I was not feeling the best that day, as my health hiccups continue. 
But seeing the happiness + excitement in my friends face made the day truly special....

^ 2 After spending alot of time at home resting and getting well, ive realised how beautiful the little things are.
Like the tiny, quiet pockets of the garden, that often get overlooked and run over, on the rush out the door!
I mean... look at the colours! 

^ 3 Big day yesterday as I got my green P plates.
I wondered if I would ever get my licence and drive. But as a 36 year old 
Im really proud of myself in getting this far!

^ 4 A break in the rain. 
When it comes its heaven, as the Sun is hot and 
the water is still warm. 

Have a great weekend everyone....

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Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Beautiful! I
Hope you're feeling rested and revived. And yes, the little things are the most beautiful xx