Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Detail of a work by Holly Grace....

Way back when I was a teeny tiny lady... just back from living in Scotland... I was lucky enough to work for a beautiful gallery in the heart of Sydney called Quadrivium. It was an amazing space in the Queen Victoria Building, representing Australian and New Zealand artists' in glass, ceramics, jewellery and fine art. 

At the time I was 24 -and in a word - uneducated to this side of the art scene. 
I mean, I loved art that pushed the boundaries and worked with texture and interesting materials. But this was a whole other ball game and I was a complete rookie! Luckily I worked with an amazing group of people who worked me hard and gave me a new perspective and appreciation to the artists that we represented.  

And now.... many of my good friends are ceramicists and jewellers. 
And they have shown me a bigger picture to all things artistic, crafted + creative.

Sadly Quadrivium closed its doors in 2004 but the people that I worked with are still in the game. One of which is my old manager, Anna Grigson, who now owns an amazing glass gallery in Paddington with her sister Maria Grimaldi, called Sabbia Gallery. 

This time every year the gallery curates a group exhibition which highlights amazing glass artists from across the country. And this year its was called Landscapes.

I was fortunate to catch it before it closes on Saturday.
And these are a few photos that I took on the day.
Now - these photos are not a true reflection of how beautiful the work is. I apologise. 
Shooting glass is a skill ive never been able to muster! 
But I hope they give you a small indication of how amazing it is....

Another image of the amazing glasswork of Holly Grace.

Holly Grace to the left; in the centre are works by Lisa Cahill,; and on the right is a green glass vessel form by Elizabeth McClure

Close up of Elizabeth McClure beautifully cut glass vessel.
And on the wall is Lisa Cahills' wall formed glass installation piece entitled Whisper 2012

Orb glass piece by Holly Grace stands in the front window of the gallery

Two amazing pieces by Brendan Scott French

And finally, one of my favourite pieces in the show... from Lisa Cahill.
Can you see the rooftops of Paris embedded in the glass?

Landscape - Masters of Glass 2013
30 January - 23 February 2013
Sabbia Gallery
120 Glemore Road

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