Monday, April 29, 2013

f l e e t i n g

A few tiny strolls...
A few fleeting moments
caught on camera.

I cannot tell a lie.
It has been a mammoth few weeks of workshops, artworks, organising, emailing, sending, talking, creating...

And whole blocks of time have...

Things were getting out of control when I realised that I wasn't allowing myself a few moments 
to stop or catch breath throughout the day. 

And my body was telling me that it wasn't happy.
So I stopped.

And remembered that there was something I needed to do again.
Somthing simple. 
And that was to take a stroll. 
A walk.
A deep breath.

Sometimes with music blaring {as I love my music!}
Other times with nothing but the birds and crickets for company.

These are a few of those fleeting moments 
Caught on my iphone.

Its lovely to see them all together....
As it makes me realise how beautiful the Autumnal light is at the moment.

I hope you enjoy my fleeting moments. 
And find a few for yourself to savour.

And relax with....

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