Friday, May 3, 2013

inspiration * interpretation

Got totally sidetracked this week.
And ended up being completely absorbed by a new artwork,
that I didn't even know I needed to make!

But let me rewind the tape a little.

Last Saturday was the first weaving workshop at the studio. 
And after rearranging the furniture and making sure I had enough chairs, 
everyone had a place at the big wooden table to play + make.
We talked. We weaved. We drank coffee and we promised to do it all again.
It truly was a lovely atmosphere.

And I was inspired to weave again.
In the last few weeks, Ive been making a bee line for my paints and easel,
to work on a collection of ideas that have been knocking around my head for the past few months.

But by Monday all I could think about was weaving something blue, 
something moody, 
and something textural.

Above you can see a few of the things that got the ball rolling...
Texture. A mix of materials. The colours of blue/tan/black. And string. 
But not string in the normal way...
String as in String Theory.
Yep Im heading into Quantum Mechanics and trying to reinterpret 'String Theory' in artwork form.
Will it work?

Who knows.

All I know is that this woven form wanted to be created this week.
And as you can see from the image below...
Its already starting to take shape.

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