Monday, June 10, 2013

johnny come lately.

vivid festival, 2013

If I said Winter to you what would be the first few words that would spring to mind?
Home comforts.
A warm fire.
Light installation festival?!

Yep. Im guessing that last one wasnt at the top of your list?!

But in this part of the globe it seems that the Vivid Festival has become synonymous with Winter.
Back in 2009 Vivid was just a little light festival that highlighted small light artworks and installations that were exhibited around The Rock precinct, and found with the aide of a tiny paper map - and a torch! 

Five years later Vivid has been turned into a 'super' festival - merging with The Festival of Dangerous Ideas and The ISEA (Electronic Arts Festival) - offering 3 massive weeks of talks, performances, symposiums, events and walks.

Now - Im a bit of a 'Johnny come lately' when it comes to attending a blockbuster event these days. 
And maybe its because im small and can get easily lost in the crowd? 
Or maybe its because im still trying to make friends with the cold? And with Winter itself? 
(maybe its all of the above!) 

So on Friday night I finally made it down to see the Vivid light show at Circular Quay, before its final curtain call tonight. And, as you can see by all my photos,  I loved it!

The highlight for me was the Opera House projection called Play that was created by The Spinifex Group.
The light show and accompanying score that was projected onto the big white sails, was bigger and slicker than in previous years. And I loved sitting at Dawes Point, on the grass, in the dark, and having the sound bellow out around me.

But sitting under the harbour bridge and watching the night sky light up with flickering lights from the surrounding suburbs is always a magical thing to do... no matter what time of year it is!

a few of my finds while walking around the vivid festival on friday night...

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