Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Winter Playground...

Weaving + chatting + playing at the studio last Saturday...
Photos taken by Mel Young.

How many colours can you squeeze onto one workshop table?
As many as humanly possible!!

As I write this on my little laptop the room is grey and dark. 
And no - its not night time.
Its 10am. Its Winter. Its cold. And its very grey and wet outside. 
Put it this way - daylight is not making it past my window sill!

So its lucky that Im posting all my colourful images from Saturdays studio weaving workshop?! 
Very lucky! 
It was another great class - full of old friends and new faces - all wanting to kick off the Winter season with a little colour and a little bit of craft. 
As you can see, the class was full of heads down, eyes concentrating on what was laid out in front of them. Rope, raffia, wool, plastics, fabric...
Anything and everything that could be squeezed onto one table! 

At the end of it all I realised I needed to organise the next two classes as weaving is the PERFECT craft to attempt on your knee on the couch! Plus I love having people over to the space. Its starting to feel like a little tribe...

If you are interested in coming along to a studio workshop all the details can be found on the tinytrappings store...

Thank you to everyone who can along to play.
And a special thank you to Mel Young for being the resident photographer for the day. 
The photos are beautiful x

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