Monday, June 3, 2013

one million stars ...

My tiny contrbution to Martanne Tali Pau's one million stars project 

This little post has been a LONG time a'comin!
Time just flew right by me, and these images have remained on my desktop ever since. 
But on this bright and sunny morning in Sydney it's only fitting that I share with you a couple of images from a lovely afternoon workshop I had the privilege of attending, with the lovely Maryanne Tali Pau.

I met Maryanne about 3 years ago when she was conducting a handful amazing weaving workshops for art+about's Happy Talk event in Hyde Park.

( if you have NO what Im talking about at this point  - please have a read of.... this ... and this!)

I remember being immediately inspired by Maryanne's warmth, generosity, and her ability to share.
From children to adults she magically made everyone fascinated, and curious, about her Samoan heritage and the origins of her beautiful weaving technique. 

At her recent workshop at Koskela, Maryanne was teaching us all how to make woven stars for her one million stars project that supports and draws awareness to issues associated with violence in the community. The project was started in September 2012, and by April 2014, Maryanne hopes to have achieved her of goal creating an installation using these one million woven stars in Melbourne and/or Sydney.

Now I know that it is only a tiny contribution to the project, but at the top of the post you can see two of my little stars that I made at the Koskela workshop. 
I aim to make more and get Maryanne over the line! 
And if you too would like to take part in any of Maryanne's workshops and star project- all the details can be found on Maryanne's website - where you can also find an online tutorial on how to make a beautiful woven star at home.
Happy weaving!

The lovely Maryanne demonstrating how to make a woven star
at her recent workshop at Koskela in Sydney

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