Wednesday, May 29, 2013

you say goodbye and I say hello...


you say goodbye and I say hello
hello hello
I dont know why you say goodbye 
I say hello.
(you can keep singing along in your head if you like)

Those lyrics by Paul McCartney literally jumped in my head as I started to write this post.
And I haven't thought of this song in YEARS.
But its apt for this tiny post as im about to say goodbye to lovely autumn...
JUST as I was starting to embrace all the colours and textures of the season.

These photos are just a sample of what i have found on my travels in the last week.
And though I dont like to play tourist -
sometimes this city has a habit of seducing you, 
and making you feel like you need to take just ONE more photo...
of the harbour bridge.... the rocks... and clovelly beach.

Im going to miss autumn.
Ive been seduced by the light
and the inspiration that it has given me.


^the city^

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