Wednesday, July 10, 2013

green + gold

A little weaving for a friend...

And if you venture into any green spaces around Sydney at the moment,
you will see - and smell - the colours of green and gold.

After all the rain, everything is lush and green.
And at this time of year the golden colours of Wattle come out to say hello - making us all smile with nostalgic memories of school playgrounds where Wattle was distinctly grown.

So when it came to making a gift for a friend, who has now relocated with her young family to Dubai, I naturally started to weave with these two colours.
Especially since we met in the primary school playground way back in the early 80s as tiny five years olds!

Cant get more Australian than that!

The workshop table filled with green + gold...
on a cold and grey day in June.


memtree said...

so beautiful michele! x

michele aka the tiny said...

hello memtree! Thank you so much for your lovely comment.... I hope you are well? Trying to hatch a plan for a couple of weaving workshops in Melbourne at the moment! Ill keep you posted xxx

Corinne (aka Rinny of Arabia) said...

Ah how funny wattle reminds me of school playgrounds too! Thank you for this special gift, I will treasure it! xxx