Monday, July 8, 2013

winter collections

^ a few favourites from my tiny collection^

In Winter I hibernate.
I snuggle. I retreat. 
I turn into a cat and curl up into a tiny ball at the foot of my gas heater. 

Winter and I have always had a strained relationship - as my body was never truly designed for the cold nights and driving Winter rains. I was born with cold hands and cold feet. And try as I might to warm them up, Ive never really known them to reach the status of toasty without the searing sunrays of summer! I still have flashbacks to when I was living in Edinburgh and those frosty Winter winds that would pass straight through me! brrrrrr....

So here I sit. Inside my home and enjoy some lovely Winter pastimes, such as rediscovering my collection of objects and artworks that dont receive the attention they truly deserve in Summer.

This is just a tiny sample some of my favourites - that in one way or another inspire me each and everyday.
Some were found in second hand stores and markets.
Some were lovingly given to me by talented friends.
And some were bought as sneaky purchases (usually while being egged on by friends who knew a beautiful ceramic artpiece when they saw one!)


And speaking of talented ceramic artists - one sadly passed away on Friday in London.

Vale Gwyn Hansson Pigott.
With an amazing 45 year career in the arts -
You will be greatly missed.

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