Tuesday, July 23, 2013

urban mash up^

While waiting for the car to be serviced I took a stroll down to the waters edge
in lovely ol'Balmain... and found this beauty!
I love the rusted metal on the hoop.
The time was about 1140am

Suburban street. Morning light.
Winter 9.10am

Always love a good lane way...
and this happy little stack of milk crates
was found as the sun was setting at 5pm

The lavender is in full bloom at the moment
and the smell is intoxicating.
Before sunset on Sunday I took this shot at about 450pm

One for the tourist in me.
This image loops back to the top shot
as it was taken down at Thames St Wharf in Balmain
at about 11am.
Everything was crystal blue and sparkling and I was waiting for my car!

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