Monday, August 19, 2013

expressive gestures

< a few of the amazing experimental drawings created
in my active drawing workshop at Macquarie University>

Now blink again.
What you've just experienced is one week in this incredibly speedy year that im calling... 
2013 - the year of the stop-clock!! 
Seriously - are you keeping up?? 
I feel like im just holding on by my fingernails as I wizz on through yet another month! 

Ive decided that from now on im going to try and highlight a few - or one - of my favourite moments from each month - just so I can say that I experienced it - and remember it!!

And so far one of my favourite moments for August would have to be the lecture and drawing workshop that I gave at the beginning of the month to a lovely group of 4th year students at Macquarie University in Sydney. 

Last year the head of The Institute for Early Learning - Clare Britt - asked me to come and speak to her students about my artistic journey, and then teach a 2 hour expressive drawing workshop. A workshop that sees each student experiment and 'let go' of their fears while playing with an array of different materials, such as crayons, pencils, textas, pastels, charcoal, and masses of plain white paper!! 

Well... this year I was able to do it all over again and I was so excited to have another opportunity to play! 

And it was just as brilliant as last year. 
But what amazes me each time I teach these classes is the variation and difference between each persons completed drawings. 
And yet everyone had the same instructions and the same materials.

Just goes to show - that if you create with no boundaries, and no fears, anything is possible.

A massive thank you Clare and all the amazing students for letting me come and cause complete mayhem in your workshop room!! 
I hope you had fun?? 
I know I did. 

Finding inspiration on campus...

Mayhem and mess - two important components when experimenting ...

Many things evolved on the floor which was brilliant

And lots of conversations and collaborations in colour took place on the tables

Love these two drawings that work with movement, texture and form

expressive, colourful + full of ideas

I love how things grow and change when you view them from a different angle

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Looks brilliant Tiny!!!! Great idea to log the best moments.

Titus said...

This is fantastic!